Emulsichem Coolant Monitoring Services

What is Coolant Management?

For many leading manufacturers, Emulsichem provides a technical support package for supply and management of our cutting fluids. Effective coolant management provides reductions on your total cutting fluid spend.

Significant manufacturing efficiencies are provided through:

  • Greater asset utilisation.

  • Reduced downtime

  • Improved production rates

  • Reduced rejection rates

  • Extended tool life

  • Reduced coolant usage

  • Reduced waste disposal costs


Coolant Management Surveys

Emulsichem offers an initial in depth manufacturing site survey carried out by metalworking fluid technicians and fluid management consultants. The survey looks at all operations and processes impacted by the cutting fluid, resulting in a detailed plan of potential improvements using Emulsichem in house technology. The survey provides a plan of how costs can be saved across the full manufacturing process, rather than simply look at “cost per litre” savings. During the survey process, our engineers will look at:


  • Fluid technology on site

  • Emulsion strength

  • Tooling spend

  • Waste management

  • Maintenance costs

  • Downtime minimisation

  • Health and safety requirements

  • Training on coolant ‘best practices’ to employees.

Following each site visit we will provide customers with instructions of necessary actions as well as all support documents to ensure that you are able to get an immediate overview of fluid condition.

If you are interested in just taking our monitoring services, Please feel free to contact us.