Semi Synthetic Oil

semi-synthetic cutting oil having low oil content and very high EP additives as well as biocides for a more efficient tooling operation. The fluid when mixed with water forms a translucent emulsion which is typical of semi-synthetic fluids.

The fluid utilizes latest ester based technology for extreme pressure performance combined with mineral oils to enhance lubrication performance.

The rust inhibiting property advantageously improves the corrosion prevention after machining and prevents rust for a longer time period.

The bactericidal and fungicidal action is performed by the special grade of broad spectrum biocides which are capable of providing up to 1 Year of tank life under normal operating conditions.

The product contains special surfactants, which perform cleaning action of the machine during use, and prevents accumulation of dirt, grit, greases and oil scum on the glass doors as well as on the machine. This also cleans the part and removes chips and prevents them from sticking onto the metal.