Mist Oil

With improvements in oil formulations, Mist oil lubrication systems are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of applications where only limited oil feed supply is required. Examples include bearings of electric motors, pumps and compressors in many oil refineries and petrochemical plants, gears, cams, chains and sliding surfaces of machines in steel and paper mills, construction equipment and an increasing range of other industrial applications. Compact mist supply units are also available for use with electric motors, machine tool spindles and similar local applications.

Mist Oil systems present an attractive alternative both to grease at low-to-moderate speeds and to circulating oil systems for high speeds and high temperatures.

Properly installed oil mist systems offer the following advantages:

  • No oil changes and reduced maintenance requirements
  • Reduced lubricant consumption compared to sump lubrication
  • Lower friction and reduced bearing temperatures
  • Mist delivery pressure blocks entrance of contaminants
  • Less wear and increased life of machine elements
  • Lower capital costs