Forming Oil

Our Metalform series are made of base oils with low aromatic content. They are free from chlorine, heavy metal and oil mist, occupy a high aging resistance and a good viscosity-temperature behaviour. By using physiological harmless high-performance extreme-pressure additives we reach the highest pressure resistance even at strong thermal heavy duty. Our Metalform Series are surface-active, adhesive and are showing good wetting and release properties. They are easily spray able and pump able.

Our product range of drawing and stamping oils contains products for any deep drawing and forming operation and any material quality and material grade. We can offer high quality chlorine-free drawing oils with different additive content and different viscosities for your drawing and forming process. Our facility also allows us to modify any oil grade to make it tailor-made for your individual forming process. In addition, our product range contains a number of chlorinated oils for extreme applications like stainless steel deep drawing operations.